"How States and Providers Can Build Better Outcomes Together"
Webcast recorded August 15th, 2018

The escalating costs of homelessness and opioid use, along with growing aging and disability populations, have led many state governments to partner more closely with human services agencies and healthcare providers. These partnerships allow states to build holistic solutions to problems. In return, providers can gain new sources of funding and deliver better care through coordinated entry and patient-centric solutions.

Michigan is one state leading the charge. Their State Innovation Model (SIM) project encourages data sharing and cooperation among public and private entities to coordinate an effective response to homelessness in the state. Learn how this type of partnership can benefit your state or organization.

This webinar features members of the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, and the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness. They will share their experience and provide tips on how your state or human services organization can forge a mutually beneficial relationship.


LYNN HENDGES is the Manager of Housing and Homeless Programs at MDHHS. She has worked extensively in the fields of veterans affairs, children's services and homelessness, serving in both the public and non-profit arenas.

GERALD LESLIE is the Project Director at the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness, one of the nation's largest associations of emergency shelters, transitional housing programs, nonprofit housing and service programs, government programs and concerned citizens from across the state. 

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