How to Ensure Proper Lab Sanitization for Cord Blood Processing Laboratories

Keeping the cord blood processing laboratory clean, sanitized, and disinfected is crucial to product quality and safety. Although there is industry guidance for cleaning procedures, laboratory practices often vary depending on location, regulatory requirements, product type, and facility design. This webinar highlights best practices used by successful cord blood processing laboratories and illustrates how you can implement them at your facility. 

This webinar: 

  • Reviews current practices
  • Previews future methods
  • Demonstrates accreditation and regulatory requirements
  • Examines ways to implement, modify, or improve upon current cleaning, and disinfection methods

About Share the Science


Share the Science is a free webinar series designed to bring you powerful presentations by the top experts in cellular therapy. Generously supported by Mediware and Save the Cord Foundation, Share the Science webinars connect you to the world’s most innovative and influential scientists, clinical researchers, and experts as they highlight the latest breakthroughs and most promising developments in cellular therapy.

Watch the Recorded Webinar. 

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Presenter: Ed Brindle 
Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs for Insception Lifebank

This informative session is presented by Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs for Insception Lifebank, Ed Brindle, who is also co-chair of both the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) standards committee and the Cord Blood Processing Standards’ Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) committee.