WEBCAST | Recorded July 26, 2018 

Human services agencies are discovering the value of partnering with the hospitals in their community, and vice versa. Through strong partnerships, agencies can gain new sources of funding and resources to better achieve their mission. Hospitals can discharge at-risk patients confidently, reduce readmissions, enhance outcomes, and improve the overall patient experience.  

This webcast explains how Flagler Hospital is working with the agencies in St. Johns County, Florida to enhance quality of life, and provide tips on how you can work with your local hospital to do the same.

Register now to see how a strong hospital-agency partnership can enhance your organization:

  • For agencies — learn who in the hospital to approach and the value proposition you need to make
  • For hospitals  examine the factors of value-based care and how provider agencies can impact outcomes 
  • For everyone  see how one hospital and its local agencies are quantifiably improving social determinants of health in their community


Presented by John Eaton,
Director of Community Health Improvement at Flagler Hospital, St. Augustine, FL
Flager Hospital has taken the lead in addressing issues such as homelessness, aging, and substance use, seeing measurable improvements in outcomes and post-acute utilization of services. At the same time, local providers have benefited with the resources, access, and coordination they need to thrive. This partnership provides an excellent example of the impact hospitals and agencies can have by working together.

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John Eaton, Director of Community Health Improvement at Flagler Hospital, will deliver essential insights for any provider agency or hospital that wants to enhance person-centered care in their community through strong partnerships. Watch it now!

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