Strategies to Create Efficiencies in Your Private Practice 

Presented by Brandon Seigel President of Wellness Works Management Partners

As health care becomes increasingly regulated, private practice therapy owners are facing more barriers to success, including increased financial risk, operational inefficiencies, and difficulty balancing quality and efficiency.

Watch the webinar presented by private practice consultant Brandon Seigel to learn proven strategies for creating operational efficiencies to support productivity, accountability, and quality clinical outcomes. Brandon will also cover best practices for evaluating workflows and determining and measuring key metrics. This 60-minute presentation is designed to help private practice owners work smarter, not harder.

Watch to learn:

  • How to avoid common mistakes that create inefficiencies
  • How innovation can streamline operations
  • How key metrics can increase accountability in your practice
  • Tips to stay agile in the ever-changing health care market

About the Presenter

Brandon Seigel HEADSHOT.JPG

Brandon Seigel is the President of Wellness Works Management Partners. Seigel brings over fifteen years of executive leadership experience. Throughout his storied career, Seigel has empowered entrepreneurs throughout the United States to streamline operations, build winning teams, implement effective business models, and ultimately transform new ventures for optimum success.

Seigel has been supporting private practice owners with an emphasis in the occupational, physical, and speech therapy industries since 2008. In addition to consulting all over the world, Seigel is a frequent guest lecturer and keynote speaker throughout the United States inclusive but not limited to the following association conferences APTA CSM, AOTA, OTAC, CSHA, CPTA, TSHA, etc.

Seigel’s passion and drive stem from his goal to support health care providers and clinicians in unlocking their freedom from their own success and ultimately empowering the “American Dream.” Through supporting Private Practice owners in optimizing clinical outcomes, streamlining workflow solutions, and implementing leading innovation strategies, Seigel’ has transformed private practices throughout the world.

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