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Your Guide to IRF Scheduling: 5 Steps to Enhance Compliance, Productivity and Patient Care 

If your IRF still schedules patients with a white board, spreadsheet or some other manual method, it’s costing you a fortune. Your therapists spend too much time away from patients, countless hours are wasted tracking the 3-Hour rule and you never know who made changes to the schedule. Your clerical staff has to pore over patient notes and spreadsheets to compile even basic reports. And when all that manual work is done, you may still not have accurate information to make informed management decisions.

Watch the webinar on-demand for valuable insight in to how you can streamline scheduling to  enhance compliance, productivity and patient care.

Watch to Learn:

  • How to calculate the cost of scheduling 
  • Why it's important to track changes to the schedule to maintain compliance
  • What problems lead to breakdowns with the 3-hour rule and how to correct them

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