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Billing Best Practices for PT, OT and Speech reimbursement 

Whether you work in a private practice or hospital department, maximizing collections is critical to your rehab organization’s success. Yet too often, this responsibility is placed overwhelmingly on the billing department. Effective revenue cycle management begins long before claims are coded, and continues long after payer reimbursement. 

Join David Allen, CEO of Flatirons Practice Management as he uncovers the opportunities and points out the pitfalls involved in maximizing PT/OT collections.Watch the webinar on-demand for best practices you can implement throughout your facility that greatly reduce the risk of underpayments and denials.

Watch to learn: 

  • Thorough explanation of the factors critical to PT/OT billing success
  • Useful and practical tactics for maximizing their reimbursement
  • Proper modifier utilization to include Functional Limitations Reporting
  • The importance of tracking meaningful Key Performance Indicators

Watch On-Demand

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