Simplify Case Data Collection
with Harmony Mobile Assessments

Face-to-face assessments can be time-consuming, especially when completed the old-fashioned way with paper and pencil and then entered electronically back at the office.

While some organizations employ third-party systems to track their remote assessments, many of these options lack integration to the centralized data system, leaving multiple silos of information to sift through. In either case, the two-step process wastes time and increases the risk of errors.

In contrast, Harmony’s Mobile Assessments application allows SAMS administrators to extend the powerful SAMS Assessment features to laptops, smart phones or tablets.

With or without a network or cellular connection, assessors can easily conduct remote evaluations using Harmony’s mobile solution and can synchronize automatically with SAMS, eliminating duplicative data entry, reducing errors and allowing assessors to work with more consumers than ever!

the Details

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