Aspirus Wausau Hospital Inpatient Rehab    

With MediLinks, clinical processes are streamlined to increase efficiency and revenue.

At Aspirus Wausau Hospital’s inpatient rehab facility (IRF), clinicians used a manual scheduling system to track patient care. This “whiteboard method” and paper documentation made it difficult to track three-hour-rule compliance during audits and led to inconsistencies in important patient scheduling processes. In addition, clinicians rated patients with subjective FIM scores, which led to lower reimbursement rates.

Since adding MediLinks to its Wisconsin facility and integrating it with the facility-wide electronic medical record (EMR) system, Aspirus Wausau Hospital’s IRF can now:

  • Track three-hour-rule compliance automatically
  • Report standardized, objective FIM scores to ensure maximum reimbursement
  • Monitor clinicians and patient scheduling in real time with new digital processes

Read the case study to learn how Aspirus Wausau Inpatient Rehab streamlined clinical processes to increase efficiency and revenue.

Read the Case Study 

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